About Magenta

Magenta provides solutions for document management, IT integration, web and design. We have delivered Content Management Systems and document management primarily to large public sector institutions since 1999.

Over the recent years we have worked intensely on becoming the leading Danish supplier of products and services based on the concept 'open computing', meaning a solid focus on open standards and open source.

Magenta has specialized in developing advanced IT solutions, that not only function in the purely technical way, but also help our clients improving their communication and reaching their targets. We are able to do this because we have a strict focus on usability and user needs in our design information architecture and functionality.

If you want a job at Magenta, please write us and tell what you think are your skills and qualities. Contact mortenk[at]magenta.dk or call Morten Kjærsgaard on (+45) 26 83 34 71